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ISSTA Mission & Philosophy


By 2022, ISSTA will be recognized as the leading international, residential, multilingual university-preparatory American high school in the nation, providing a rich technological and excellent academic learning environment. ISSTA will therefore, prepare each child for academic and personal success in higher education and life in a global society.


To foster a positive learning environment while using cutting-edge technology, encouraging students to be curious and creative, as they experiment and seek out new challenges, and enjoy learning. ISSTA will prepare students to be responsible and contributing leaders in tomorrow's international workforce.


  • A positive and safe learning environment will foster respect for self as well as for others.
  • Students can acquire academic and interpersonal skills required to become lifelong learners and problem solvers.
  • The learning/development process is extended and enhanced by involvement in athletics, community service, and the arts.
  • Students should accept increasing responsibility for their actions and decisions as they progress through school.
  • Students understand, develop, and demonstrate the values associated with moral and ethical conduct in order to contribute as a member of a democratic society.