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The Executive members play a very significant role through their involvement and leadership. Their contributions shape ISSTA as a major educational, cultural, and economic resource, while serving the educational needs of all our students.

The ISSTA senior management team is directly responsible for managing the school’s day-to-day operations.

Dr. Sarit J. Levy

Chief Strategy Officer

Mr. Jose Cancio

Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Sarit J. Levy has been in the academic and business environments for many years. She holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration from Touro University International, as well as a M.S. in management engineering and computer science from Long Island University in New York. Her B.A. specialized in history as well as comparative literature with a minor in Judaic studies. Dr. Levy has been working as a professor in the areas of business management, entrepreneurship, new product development, and marketing for nearly a decade. She has been recognized as a speaker and presenter for several conferences including winning awards in entrepreneurship.

Dr. Levy has been published in many scholarly journals and is an innovator in bringing new products to market in an expeditious and successful manner. Some of her academic and research expertise include; entrepreneurship, innovation, sustainable education methodologies, incorporating social media tools within marketing education, as well as other works that include; alliances as a local and virtual consideration in today’s economic geography of business firm placement. She has also won grants for her renowned research, and has developed a scale to measure firms both entrepreneurially & innovatively that is being utilized as a predecessor for other research and publications in Latin America, Croatia, Surname, Jamaica, and other developing and established countries.

She recently began working for the prestigious NYU in the Strategic communications, marketing, and media management department. Dr. Levy continues to partner with students from the University of Miami, where she held a faculty position for several years. She is continuously helping mold inspiring student entrepreneurs and innovators to meet the fast paced digital environment of today. Dr. Levy does business consulting for start-up as well as established companies in and throughout the U.S., and has been recognized as a top consultant for high profile clientele. Dr. Levy also assists smaller firms and individuals in obtaining intellectual property rights and securing capital through investors for their products and services.

She has pioneered many business programs in management, entrepreneurship, marketing, and innovation for many local and online universities, and has been an integral part of many successful accreditation processes. Dr. Levy’s newest venture Synergy Strategists, is a comprehensive business consulting firm that has leveraged her large scale networks in an effort to assist small start-up firms to larger established firms in meeting their financial and operational goals. Dr.Levy has formulated a business model that is all encompassing, utilizing all of her resources as a ‘one stop shop’ for all business services. Synergy Strategists, LLC. provides exclusive, customizable services in the area of business and marketing consulting, intellectual property, investor acquisiton and retention, crowd funding, website and mobile application development, digital marketing and public relations. Her extensive research team includes notable, enthusiastic professionals in the industry, including a PhD’d research team, whose goal is to Innovate. Strategize. And Execute for her clients.


José Cancio brings more than 25 years diverse finance and managerial accounting experience to his role as CFO. His career has been marked by a demonstration of professional skill, passion and dedication that has contributed to successful financial and operational support for a wide variety of industries including professional services, manufacturing, and education. José received his Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from CUNY Bernard M Baruch College.