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Dr. Jorge R. Diaz

President, CEO
Letter from the President

Dr. Jorge R. Diaz is President and CEO of ISSTA and brings more than 25 years of experience in education.

Before founding ISSTA, Dr. Diaz was Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer at Higher Education Management Associates, an international educational consulting firm with offices in the US, Europe, and Latin America. In his executive role he worked effortlessly to improve efficiency and effectiveness at several educational institutions nationally and internationally. As a result, Dr. Diaz successfully introduced a number of interventions culminating in improved performance leadership, and through technological innovation, provided links to untapped organizational knowledge resulting in improved quality of education. Dr. Diaz has also served in leadership capacities at Florida International University, the US Department of Education, and ‚Äč Miami-Dade County Public Schools.

Throughout his leadership Dr. Diaz has had a keen ability to anticipate and respond to many organizational challenges, and has made numerous presentations to discuss the current and future state of education along with new trends in education. He has been recognized by his peers with numerous awards, and is fully bilingual in English, Spanish and speaks basic French. His interests include the arts, cultural diplomacy, and outdoor activities.

Dr. Diaz holds a Bachelor's degree in International Relations, Master's degree in Public Administration, Doctor of Philosophy in Comparative Theology, and a completed dissertation for a Doctor of Educational Administration. Along with his academic credentials, Dr. Diaz brings professional expertise in teaching, mentoring, organizational development, strategic planning, staff development, policy, research, public speaking, program and leadership development, team building, negotiation, organizational leadership, international relations, resolution, and budget management.

At ISSTA, we are constantly evolving as a school and family unit. We work together to bring the utmost respected and qualified faculty, as well as ensure that operations, improvement, and credentials, all processes are consistently followed. These challenging day to day operation utilize the great talent of so many individuals that we are ecstatic to call part of our Executive Team. While ISSTA is currently looking for additional C-Level Executives as we move forward to fruition, we have been able to leverage the expertise of our esteemed BOARD OF TRUSTEES and faculty to help move us forward.