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Students enrolled in the International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement or AICE track at ISSTA live across the globe, residing in nearly all 50 U.S. states and multiple countries. They pursue an academic program at ISSTA that encompasses diversity, integrity, and academic excellence.

Each student enjoys innovative programs with an emphasis in art, science and technology. It is not uncommon to find students performing science experiments through virtual goggles or corroborate with peers in an augmented reality art project. These students understand the value of technology, academics and the fusion of the two. They also understand the rigorous academic requirements needed to fulfill the IB and AICE diplomas. Students at ISSTA engage with each other as well as their instructors through various social media platforms, and are eager to fulfill other opportunities that result in philanthropic community engagement. Whether the students are helping bring clean water to the African plaines, or volunteering in a food pantry mission for the indigent, they are not only evolving academically but as productive members of society.

The majority of the ISSTA student population go on to attend highly ranked colleges and universities, and often study abroad. By graduation, each student has a well thought out road map for their future, often ranging from medicine, to politics, business, engineering, and the like. Students in the art program seek to attend highly recognized institutions such as Juilliard and Tisch at New York University, where some of the brightest and talented artists have come from.

We invite you to learn more about our high schools talent, including their diversity of interests, accomplishments, and career objectives.