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In order to make sure that all students are accommodated, it is not possible to honor requests for room and/or hall changes during the first two weeks of each semester. After that time, if you wish to change rooms or halls, please fill out the Room Change Request Form . Not all accomodations may be honored, however you are more than welcome to submit a request and if it is possible to accommodate you we will. Persons making unauthorized moves will be subject to disciplinary action.



The campus guidelines require all residential facilities to maximize space. Is is an obligation of the Housing and Registration Committee to therefore bunk roomates in pairs for each room. Should a student end up in a room that is singular, at no fault of their own, the student can choose to:

  1. The right to read and study free from undue interference in one’s room. Unreasonable noise and other distractions inhibit the exercise of this right.
  2. Remain in the room until they receive a new room assignment or a roomate is added to their room. This roomate may not necessarily match original RoomSync characteristics. If assignment to another room is necessary, every effort is made to keep the student being moved in the same hall and on the same floor.
  3. The decision to allow students to keep the single room for spring semester will be determined by the need for spaces and will be announced as soon as possible. Students whose roommate leaves at the end of fall semester are not guaranteed a single room for spring semester. It is important that the room be prepared to receive a new roommate before the student leaves for winter break. Decisions regarding availability of the room as a single will not be announced until approximately two weeks after the beginning of spring semester. If space is available, a Double-As-Single Room offer will be emailed to the email address provided on the student's application. If the Double-As-Single Room offer is not accepted, the student will be subject to the aforementioned Room Policy. Forced consolidation will not occur for summer housing unless the housing needs require such a move.


Suite Rooms are available by request and or by lottery system. Students residing in suites share a bathroom and living quarters with a smaller number of on campaus residents such as; four or eigth student quadrants. These students pay a higher fee for their residential living quarters, and there are less available than the standard room. Students who reside in the suites are still under the same laws and guidance as all students in the dormitories. These suites are equipped with mini kitchenettes, a TV lounge with Sofas, as well as larger living space. There are a limited number of in-suites available. ISSTA reserves the right to utilize this space for additional students should other rooms not be available.


Students may be required to move to another hall/room in the case of disciplinary proceedings or emergency situations.


If you are one of the last students assigned to a particular residence hall, there is a possibility that you may be placed in a temporary room when you first arrive. As spaces in permanent rooms become available, due to late cancellations and withdrawals, residents will be moved into a permanent space. If you are initially assigned to a temporary space within one of the residence halls, your cooperation and understanding during this opening period is appreciated.